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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Pokémon GO receives a new update

Niantic just announced that Pokémon GO has just received a new update for among other things, allow both multiple users have asked since the release of the game.

  • You can transfer multiple Pokémon at once to Professor Willow by pressing and holding down a Pokémon.
  • Icons of the Pokémon type have been added as they approach a battle of a Gym and the battle screen.
  • Added the total amount of Candy obtained by the Pokémon Companion to the information screen of your partner.
  • You have added the total km that your partner has walked to the information screen of each Pokémon that has been your partner.

How I said, the main feature of the update is multiple choice, allowing you to select several Pokémon to transfer simultaneously.

In addition, I have added icons of the Pokémon type when approaching a battle of a Gym and the total sum of Candy obtained by our Pokémon Companion.

For the rest, I remind you that Niantic publishes the updates of the game gradually, that is, little by little and gradually, so it is possible that when it is time to publish this article is not available in all countries.

Pokémon GO is available free and universal.

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