Prepare your best Christmas dishes from your iPhone or iPad with these apps -


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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Prepare your best Christmas dishes from your iPhone or iPad with these apps

There is an implicit truth in the world around us, it is that we all like to eat. Some to a greater or lesser extent, but the conclusion is always the same: food. And of course, if the food is good and tasty, even better.

So today we leave the best applications to prepare Christmas spectacular dishes, and leave them wanting more your guests this holiday season.


One of the highlights of Yummly is its performance. The application shows different recipes for cooking sites, such as Epicurious and Allrecipes while also shows more results for other many websites.

In each case you can filter the results depending on your tastes and preferences. The more you use it , the app will be better understood what you enjoy, and sooner rather than later start to give customized to ensure you enjoy a delicious Christmas dishes recommendations.


BigOven offers more than 350,000 recipes to prepare in the comfort of our home. With an option to plan meals and also a list of stores to buy your ingredients, you can secure a great dinner with this app.

The application also has a social side, which will see what others are preparing and gain some inspiration for your own creations.

With over 500,000 recipes this application is one of the largest in content. We can create menus very simply, while we see a list of ingredients full of options. The food can be divided according to your requirements and preferences. Also, you can review the offers of your closest stores to always have the best price. We will also be able to import recipes from other sites.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories all recipes divided according to their central theme. For example, pasta lovers will have a whole section dedicated to them, while the app shows them lots of short how to prepare the recipes. In each case, we have HD videos that gives us the app itself, along with the steps to follow to make everything simpler.

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New recipes and videos are added every week, so there will always be something new and delicious to prepare in our kitchen, and now that the time is approaching to prepare our favorite Christmas dishes.

Jamie Oliver's Recipes

This is the official application of popular chef Jamie Oliver. This app leaves us with 15 new recipes with each passing year , covering everything from fast food to dinner with a defined style for every occasion week. In each of these cases, videos and high-resolution photos will help us carry out the recipes, step by step, to be a kitchen masters - or at least try, go.

That's all for now. From CP we'll be showing more things for you to enjoy all the holiday spirit in these fun parties. We hope you enjoy preparing these tasty dishes.

What do you plan to cook for Christmas? Leave us the answer in the comment box!

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