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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Problems with the Apple Watch Series 2 with WatchOS 3.1.1

Ojito we follow problems concerning Apple updates. If you make a the first time we reported failures 10.2 iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod with just a couple of days old, now they come the first complaints also of watchOS 3.1.1 update, which affect only some users the Apple Watch Series 2, the new Apple smartwatch launched this September .

It is quite frequent to find bugs or bugs in updates, although Apple usually heals in health by making numerous releases of previous beta versions in order to minimize these errors, but still, they continue to occur.

After updating with watchOS 3.1.1 three things can happen: either it installs correctly and the clock works properly, or the update seems to be stalled and the fault occurs. This bug can affect two ways: either the screen is frozen with the Apple logo on it or a red exclamation point in the middle of the screen and a message urging visit appears help section of the Apple website specifically this link .

How to solve the problem of WatchOS 3.1.1 in Apple Watch Series 2?

Basically from the web we are told the procedure to follow this problem in WatchOS 3.1.1, which is the classic turn on and off in style The IT crowd. To complete a forced restart Apple Watch Series 2 we will simply have to hold down both the side button and the digital crown for about 10 seconds. When this happens, we will see the Apple logo and the clock will restart. A priori, this should fix the bug in WatchOS 3.1.1.

What happens if the forced restart does not take effect? Then you will have to go to the technical service, either from an Apple store, authorized dealer or manage the collection and repair through the Apple web store.

Fortunately it seems that the bug is not affecting too many users and that it only occurs on devices Apple Watch Series 2 WatchOS been updated to 3.1.1, so a good measure may be to let the update for later, when know more details or has remedied the bug.

In any case, be calm if you have an Apple Watch Series 0 or Series 1, since its update to WatchOS 3.1.1 has occurred of successful form. At the moment no failures have been reported in Spain, but still, hopefully this problem will be solved soon.

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