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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Reasons not to buy AirPods right now

We are still in the middle of Christmas, in those times when the most ferocious consumerism possesses us all when it comes to entering any commercial area. It is very difficult to not be swayed by that part of the "Christmas spirit" and buy the first thing we go through your head.

These days, you may have been near an Apple Store, or you've visited one of the online stores that distribute Apple products, and you've found Apple's new accessory, the AirPods. Today we will give some other reason so do not be swayed by all those holiday ads, and know appreciate the art of patience.

Why should not you buy AirPods right now?

I imagine that when you saw the title of the article you preguntasteis just that, well, there are some reasons that really do think it is not the best time to purchase them .

First, it is important to remember that this is the first version of the product, and as we all know, will probably have problems precisely derivatives that has not been a previous version that have been found otherwise . In addition, this also means that we are paying an "Early Adopter" price for them, and it is possible that in a very short time this will be significantly reduced.

Another major drawback is the lack of quantitation sensors. Some rumors took for granted that the AirPods would be in the same style as the Samsung Gear IconX in regards to the activity tracking, however, we found a headset unable to perform these tasks. No doubt a big mistake facing the sports public, although it seems that this would be solved in a second version.

This problem is related to another of great importance, and they are not prepared ( officially ) to withstand the elements, especially water, which in many cases we will play a trick.

Thus, we find a few reasons why you should not fall into the trap of the first wireless headphones Apple. No doubt we think they are enough to rethink your purchase, even so, you will have time to decide if you have not reserved, since there is a time for a regular stock in stores.

Do you have any reason why you would not buy AirPods?

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