Remove apps from your iPhone by means of a 3D tactile gesture with Force Delete (jailbreak)

If you want a simple way to delete applications that do not need, you can try a new jailbreak tweak called Force Delete that lets you delete unnecessary apps through
A 3D touch gesture.

Although the tweak is designed for the primary purpose of removing the applications you've downloaded from the App Store, you can even hide Force Delete system apps from the home screen.

After installing the tweak, you can use a 3D touch gesture in any application on the home screen to see one of the two new menu options.

If this is an App Store, you'll see the option to "Delete this application , " which essentially eliminates the application of the device, where the home screen is placed in the 'jiggle mode and should touch on the button' X 'to delete the app.

On the other hand, if you are using a gesture touch 3D on a system application as a pre - installed by Apple or installed manually from Cydia, you'll see the option to "Hide this application , " which does not actually delete the app, since the Hidden from the home screen.

Force Delete adds a preference panel to the configuration application so that you can enable or disable the ability to hide system applications.

From here, you can also redisplay the apps you've hidden and you can force the display of a confirmation message to be displayed every time you try to hide system applications.

While the tweak is designed for 3D touch devices, you do not necessarily need a 3D touch screen to use the tweak. It can be used on all devices jailbroken iOS 9 as long as the next Force Delete tweak revealMenu you have installed.

That said, anyone can download and try for free Force Delete on your iPhone Jailbreak from the BigBoss Cydia repository.

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