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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Report high data consumption with Super Mario Run

The expected Super Mario Run is now available on the App Store, becoming the first game starring Mario coming to iOS devices.

One of its main drawbacks, is undoubtedly the obligation to be connected to the internet to play, a move that Nintendo have taken for fear of piracy.

Well, as are reporting a large number of users, the game consumes a large amount of data, being able to consume about 60MB time.

Super Mario Run can consume 60MB per hour

In addition, it seems that the problem is accentuated when downloading the extra level packs, because if we are not connected to a Wi-Fi network will use our data rate to download a lot of extra MB.

In this way, personally I recommend that you have care when running the game, especially if you have hired a data rate that can easily fall short.

Finally, I remind you that although the game can be downloaded for free, it only allows you to play three levels, having to pay 9.99 € by a single payment in case you want to unlock all its content.

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