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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Restart your iPhone without using the physical buttons

If you have an old iPhone model it is possible that some of the physical buttons do not work properly due to wear and tear over time. On the other hand, it is also possible that your iPhone has suffered some kind of damage, regardless of the model buttons.

Should your iPhone buttons do not work properly and need to restart for whatever reason, you should know that not necessarily have to use the physical buttons on the smartphone. Here's how you can get it in a few simple steps.

Restart your iPhone using the AssistiveTouch

When the iPhone Home button fails, the most common solution is usually the AssistiveTouch, a function that adds virtual Home to the screen. You may already know the AssistiveTouch, but did you know that you can restart the iPhone with it?

I must say that the AssistiveTouch not have a function to reset the device as such, but there is a little trick to get it . In addition, you do not have to worry, since in this way you will not lose any data or anything of the configuration of your iPhone.

First you need to activate this Home touch button. To do this you must go to Settings - General - Accessibility, and once there go to "Interaction" where you need to activate the option AssistiveTouch section and see how similar the Home button icon appears on the iPhone screen. You have to know that this button can be changed by keeping your finger pressed on it. This way you can place it in the part of the screen that you like and less bother you.

Click on it and a menu where you have to click on "Device" will open. Other different options will then be displayed to mute the device, raise or lower the volume, rotate the screen or lock it.

It is precisely this latter option that interests to restart the iPhone. Just keep your finger pressed on "Lock screen" until the option to turn on the device screen appears.

If you slide your finger on the button what you will get will be to turn off the iPhone. To restart just connect it to light or your computer via the USB cable, this way you will see the Apple logo on the screen and you can wait for it to restart.

As you see it is a very simple trick that can get you out of occasional trouble with your iPhone if you need to restart it . Of course, if the reason you followed these steps to restart the iPhone is because you have some failure in the physical buttons.

In that case we recommend you make an appointment with the Genius Bar in the Apple Store nearest to solve the problem. Although if you prefer you can take the iPhone to an official technical center of your trust, remember that sometimes cheap is expensive, so it is best to go to a place that you know work well and official spare parts.

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