Samsung Pay will be available on almost all Samsung phones -


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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Samsung Pay will be available on almost all Samsung phones

Samsung Pay will be installed on the vast majority of mobile phones that make the brand. It will be the mobile payment by default and even could reach other Android.

The manufacturer is determined to use his means for mobile payments. The development of Samsung Pay will have been very expensive, so you should monetize the most. It is available in a small collection of mobile, something that will change next year: Samsung will release much of its catalog with the application pre - installed. The fingerprint sensor could reach the most accessible mobile phones of the brand.

Samsung Pay will be largely on new phones

This is what Korea says Business, a publication of Korean business has very reliable sources about the manufacturer. As he has been able to find out, Samsung Pay would be installed in the vast majority of the future catalog of Samsung. It would be the average mobile payment default and should be accompanied with the expansion of fingerprint reader.

Few Samsung mobiles are provided with fingerprint reader security. Since Samsung Pay does not work without this reader (Samsung is unlikely to lower security), all mobile phones that have Samsung Pay must have the security of the footprint. And not only Samsung mobiles that Samsung Pay advance could spread further: since the publication say that the manufacturer is planning to launch mobile payment application to other Android.

Future mobile application compatible with Android not be called Samsung Pay Samsung Mini. It will have the same compatible banks and will use the data stored in the Samsung account of the user. A very good news for the standardization of mobile payments, mainly due to the delay of Android Pay.

That Samsung Pay reaches other Android is a very good news

You have to take what Samsung Mini Pay reserves because it is not definitive, but quite plausible. And it seems to us quite logical: the only way to succeed with a means of payment is to make it as universal as possible. As there are not many who can have a high range, and not even a Samsung, extend their possibilities of payment to mobile with fingerprint reader paves the way to conquer the competition.

In line with Samsung Pay Mini, Apple would lay the entry of the application in the App Store. That also reaches Android after the intention of placing it in iOS takes a lot of strength.

Each brand and bank wants its own mobile payment system. This results in the dizziness of users, especially those who have several cards and entities. Samsung Pay does not have much support throughout the world banks, but should get more deals if able to get millions of users over its platform. According to our tests, it works quite well.

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