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Friday, 30 December 2016

Samsung to innovate again by copying Apple's AirPods

In another display of vision and extreme innovation, Samsung is planning to return to draw inspiration from Apple and follow the steps of Cupertino implementing their own AirPods in the next release of its Galaxy S8. And the resounding success of AirPods, exhausted worldwide , has not gone unnoticed by the Koreans, who also want their cake.

Yes, it is highly unlikely that Samsung follow Apple's risky decision to remove the 3.5 mm output jack on your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which has caused much controversy among the general public. In this way, Samsung is out of competition to achieve the thinnest and lightest device on the market, but will bet on developing their own wireless headsets with Bluetooth technology.

According to SamMobile, Koreans plan to launch a wireless in-ear headphones while the Galaxy S8 launch this spring, because they seek to market a product that competes directly with Apple AirPods.

It is unclear whether the headphones are sold separately or integrated into the pack of Galaxy S8, or if you also include any news from his latest acquisition last month, the technology company Harman International Industries, with their respective research and advances in the field sound.

And although Samsung already offers wireless headphones as IconX Gear, do not get a combination of simplicity, reliability, design and timing as the AirPods Apple, which only a tap synchronized perfectly with the new chip W1 and Its corresponding improvement in connectivity and efficiency.

Despite the initial reluctance by the price and suffered delays, AirPods are still a bestseller this Christmas. Tim Cook himself has referred to them as a smash hit this week in an interview, claiming they are making them as fast as they can because they literally take them out of hand.

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