Samsung will also copy the Xiaomi Mi Mix for the Galaxy S8, according to Bloomberg -


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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Samsung will also copy the Xiaomi Mi Mix for the Galaxy S8, according to Bloomberg

The rumor that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a screen without frames is set: the Bloomberg publication so ensures. In this way Samsung would follow the established trend with the Xiaomi MI Mix.

Trends and trends in the field of mobile technology are constant: as we have said more than once, it is enough that someone dares to innovate so that all the brands behind you. Xiaomi did a good job with the Xiaomi Mi Mix , carrying a mobile screen without frames Sharp Aquos the highest level. The Samsung Galaxy S8 follow the same line.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 screen would occupy almost the entire front

The premises already know: the ratio of the use of the front should exceed 91% that has marked Xiaomi with his Mi Mix. You can not say that Samsung neglect this point: the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a ratio of 76.1%. How to increase it? It would eliminate (or minimize) the top by reducing the bottom.

Many rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 point down that road. The Home button disappears, a sign that Samsung can greatly reduce removing the physical button and two capacitive. The fingerprint sensor would go under the screen. And there is room for maneuver to further reduce the front by reducing space to the sensors and front camera. Maybe Samsung will do the Xiaomi thing, move these elements to the bottom of the front face.

Bloomberg, a centralized publishing companies have enough credibility, said that Samsung has developed a front for the Galaxy S8 in which almost everything will display. Samsung has to change the design of its star line, especially after the squeeze caused by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. And there is no doubt that as a manufacturer of screens does not have many rivals.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix is ​​the mobile in which brands are setting

When Xiaomi showed the concept of the Xiaomi Mi Mix putting it soon after the sale few imagined that it would finally set a trend. But that's right: you have to get used to the mobiles with the screen occupying almost the entire front. not only Samsung: the next Honor Magic , which will be presented on December 16, also bet on this design.

Do you think it's worth a mobile without frames or do you think that, in the long run, it will make you uncomfortable? Let's not forget what happens with the Edge phones: despite the peculiarity of the curve, and its design is very striking, does not imply an added improvement to use.

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