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Monday, 19 December 2016

Scribble on your iOS device with Scriblit (jailbreak)

Scriblit is a new jailbreak tweak that lets you convert your screen jailbroken iPhone or iPad into a virtual drawing canvas, giving the possibility to scrawl in anywhere.

With a number of configuration options and tools to choose from, you can use Scriblit for a wide variety of things, so the way you use them will depend on your own creativity.

Scriblit is activated or deactivated with Activator action, which is very convenient because you can access from anywhere Activator device, whether you're on the home screen, lock screen or in an application.

When invoking the Activator gesture you chose, you will see a few new buttons on the screen:

  • X: closes the interface Scriblit
  • Point on the circle: take a screenshot of your scribbles
  • Pencil / eraser: toggles between a drawing tool and eraser tool
  • Outline list lets you change the color, the alpha level and thickness of the line drawing

As you can see, the color picker is a large scale selector, so you can practically choose any color, rather than having to select a specific color from a list.

Apart from this, being able to alternate between the pencil and eraser tool you can do scribble, write, etc., without fear of being wrong.

As for the screen capture feature, when you have finished drawing, you can tap the button to save a screenshot of what you have done. You'll see a notification banner informing you that a screenshot was saved each time you make one.

Now that you know how the tweak works, it's time to look at the configuration options. To do this, go to Settings -> Scriblit, after installing the tweak.

Here, you can enable or disable the tweak and select an action for Activator that you want to use to invoke the tweak. It is recommended to use a gesture that works throughout the system, instead of one that only works on the lock screen, for example.

You can also choose the default color that appears when running Scriblit, choose the default line thickness and choose the default alpha level.

On the other hand, a Respring button is included to apply all the changes that you make in the preferences panel.

If you are interested in trying Scriblit, you can download it right now for $ 1.50 from the BigBoss Cydia repository. All iOS 9 versions are supported.

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