Setting the Default Camera Mode on iOS

Recently added a new feature in iOS that allows you to set the camera mode by default, which gives the possibility to open the camera in video mode, slow motion, time lapse (period of time), Portrait, option Photo Standard, among others. Because it is not such a well-known feature, we will teach you in this article how to set the default camera mode on iOS.

Note that you need to IOS 10.2 or later installed on your iPhone or iPad to set the default camera mode. If you have not updated the device either because you have jailbroken or for another reason, you will not be able to find this function.

Setting the Default Camera Mode on iOS

  • Open the "Settings" application and go to "Photos & Camera"
  • Click on "Preserve Settings"
  • Move the switch next to "Camera Mode" in the on position

  • Open the camera application on your iPhone or iPad and choose the camera mode you want to use: video, slow motion, time lapse, portrait.

Depending on the mode selected, the camera app will now have it default each time it opens.

This tutorial will be very useful to those people who use a particular camera mode, for example, those who use a lot of video mode now can configure it as default on their iOS devices, so that when they open the app The camera always starts in video mode.

Unfortunately, the ability to set the camera mode does not impact HDR, which still shuts off after it has been activated no matter how many times you turn it back on.

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