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Friday, 30 December 2016

Siri needs improvement in health section

Siri has been one of Apple's technological revolutions, bringing users one of the best attendees on the market. While not perfect, it is essential to have Internet to make this work. Without the Internet, Siri will not work for you.

The virtues of this assistant were released for all by publishing their SDK. What makes the wizard can learn a lot more exponentially, making major advances achieved in less time. Because it is necessary to recognize that to have AI in private mode does not have much logic.

Siri has approved in health, but we want an outstanding

In the United States they have done some research on the responses of Siri in cases having to do with health care. A year ago, a Stanford study hit the table in the face of the nefarious answers provided by key attendees in situations as serious as "I have depression."

Fortunately, things have improved, if you ask Siri helps a rape tells you that you head the national number for such attacks. This update has only been in the English version of Siri - little by little.

The opening of SiriKit for everyone, makes anyone who seeks to help and create standards, can. Making Siri improve greatly in this field, integrating health in other applications will make certain people can ask for help if Siri represents them an easier way.

Apple make Siri up to par

We can not forget that thanks to the opening of Siri, we can now send a WhatsApp by Siri. Thing that many users have asked anxiously. Both the researchers and the users instigate Apple to improve the performance of the assistant in situations that have to do with the health environment.

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