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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Snapchat debuts group chats and two new tools

Snapchat needs to be updated to keep pace in the battle between social networks to conserve and more users. Especially after the great Instagram update brings live videos and messages with expiration feature popularized social network fantasmita.

In October Snapchat added the Playlists feature, which helps filter content for users to see what publish contacts selected. And now the team Snap Inc. wants to use the arrival of the holidays for, as published today on its official website , brand new function group chats, plus two new tools.

Snapchat group chats arrive

The latest update brings Snapchat "Groups", a role with which this social network seeks to live up to rival the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. These group chats can be up to 16 users, who can see who is present through the option found at the bottom of the screen.

Of course, being Snapchat chats, messages and Snaps sent in groups they have expiration: when they spend 24 hours are eliminated. In addition, each user can display or play once sent messages in group chats.

It is also possible to initiate a private conversation with any member of the chat; Simply select the contact individually. The new group chats support all the features that are present in conventional chats, such as the video notes, the stickers, or Bitmoji, for example.

In addition to group conversations, Snapchat update brings two new creative tools, which are designed to customize snaps. On one side are the scissors to crop images and transform them into a sticker, which can be saved with the rest. Along with scissors comes Paintbrush, a brush to draw in the snaps and make them unique, as if it were my artistic filters like the popular Prism.

Finally, this update adds support to the social network for Shazam, which will now be incorporated in the camera application. This integration makes it possible to identify any theme that sounds while the Snapchat app is open. What do you think these "Christmas" novelties?

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