So it could be the Next iPhone 8 screen without the Home button -


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Sunday, 25 December 2016

So it could be the Next iPhone 8 screen without the Home button

Although Apple only in September launched the iPhone 7, creative minds on the Net already look beyond. The designers of an iDropnews project have demonstrated the upcoming vision of the "apple" of their smartphone, the presentation to be held in 2017.

Proposed concept, it is assumed that the iPhone 8 will apply OLED, which have repeatedly reported online sources. In doing so, the specialists are convinced that the future iPhone will be Able to offer безрамочный design. In their concept, the designers have decided completely without frame and extended to the screen of the smartphone practically all the front panel. It has resulted in a gadget without Home button but with additional conceptual features of the iOS 10 interface.

The iPhone 7 (left) and the concept of iPhone 8 (right)

According to the creators of the concept, Apple leaves the main button to benefit the touch surface with a fingerprint scanner function. The computer maintained the ergonomics of the current models, due to the fact that the smartphone housing has remained the same size - only increased the screen.

Presented by concept seems quite interesting, but, of course, it does not pretend to be trust. And the Apple surely has its own ideas about the appearance of the novelties.

In any case, the official presentation of the iPhone 8 is worth waiting for not before September 2017.

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