Soon we will be able to test Delta, the new emulator of the creator of GBA4iOS

A few weeks ago we told you about Delta, a new emulator that is being developed by the creator of GBA4iOS and will allow us to run games of SNES, N64, GBC and GBA.

Well, how we told you at the time, its first beta will arrive in December, and it seems, that time is very close.

According to Riley Testut commented, developer Delta, from today until December 16 we will check in this link to access the beta emulator.

The final version of Delta will arrive in 2017

Once completed the form, Riley will announce the lucky on December 19, but yes, it is important to consider several factors.

The first one is that it is necessary to have an Apple ID and an updated device to iOS 10, as it seems, at the moment there will be no compatibility with previous versions of iOS.

Similarly, it seems that way to test the betas will be through TestFlight, Apple tool with which we will be able to install trial versions of any application.

Lastly, I remind you when it is a beta, it is very likely that it will not work quite well and that we suffer from any other crash or restart, problems that will be solved in 2017 when the final version is published.
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