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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Super Mario Run: buy it or not, that's the question

Apple can boast of being in charge of hosting the first game that Nintendo has developed especially for mobile devices. This is Super Mario Run, adventure title that has generated great excitement before its launch on December 15 .

In CP we have told you all about this new game's most famous plumber of all time, as the worlds and levels which are , or what playable characters will be. But there is a question in the air: is it worth buying? Let's look at some points to keep in mind before deciding to pay.

Super Mario Run, buy it or not?

To begin with , we should know that Super Mario Run is priced at 10 euros but no more payments. That is, you pay when you download it but then do not require any more purchases, as with other titles for iOS. In addition, acquiring this title Nintendo presents us with 3,000 coins and 20 game tickets for Toad Rally mode, where we can play online games with players from around the world.

Leaving aside whether 10 euros is an expensive price or not, we must consider when buying the game directly get access to all levels and modes. If we compare it with others, I think it is an advantage because we forget to have to pay more once we are already in the game atmosphere and there is no going back.

These are some points in favor, but it is true that, as in everything, until we do not test the game we can not know if it really has a justified price. There are some aspects that we should also consider, as the quality of the tactile response and connections, since Super Mario Run requires Internet connection, has no offline mode . Another issue is whether it offers a reasonable number of hours of play, at least 12 or 15 hours.

In summary, the price of Super Mario Run may be high enough to be a title intended for mobile devices (although there are many others that cost the same and even more). But if it guarantees good performance and a reasonable amount of hours of play, I think it worth buying. That yes, as long as we like the theme and mechanics of the game. What do you think?

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