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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Super Mario Run does not like Android hacking

In an interview with Mashable, Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the mythical Mario, clarifies the exclusivity of Super Mario Run on iOS: Android piracy is the main problem so that it does not reach our system.

Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the global idols that transcends his professional field. Maybe someone does not know him by name, but no one in the world who has not heard of Mario or Zelda, Nintendo icons. Surely the vast majority have played one of their games. And many will download Super Mario Run, the next Nintendo franchise mobile. Well, on Android at the moment we will not smell it.

Super Mario Run is exclusive for iOS by Android hacking

As is. This has been explained Shigeru Miyamoto in an interview with Mashable . The creator of Mario, who is also behind the development of the first mobile version, talks about the concern of the whole team for the safety of Super Mario Run. He is accustomed to restrict titles by zones and machines. Super Mario Run will reach millions of devices globally, something they want to control as much as possible.

It does not specifically mention "Android", but it does make it quite clear.

Security is currently one of the reasons we decided to bet on iPhone and iOS first.
Adam Rosenberg, Mashable, Shigeru Miyamoto asks if safely is referring to the risk caused by piracy. Shigeru responds very sharply.

That's right.

Super Mario Run not only emphasizes the choice of operating system to avoid piracy, also in the need to be connected to play. Beyond that finally comes to Android, it will only be able to play if you are connected to the Internet. No offline game: all three modes are interconnected, so they need a permanent connection.

The piracy as an excuse already tires

There is no denying that piracy is much more widespread on Android than on iOS, but it does not mean that Apple's system is free from IPAs marketing. Google has made a remarkable effort to eradicate piracy. And, at the moment, we have tools in Android that identify the property of the application that is executed.

It will still be easier to hack an application on Android than on iOS, but always put hacking as an excuse not to invest in a development already smells like that, the excuse. As it is proposed Super Mario Run on iOS, should not be serious problems in Android: three levels of the first free world, buy in app for the rest of the game and permanent Internet connection with checking the user bought the game . Android can not offer this?

Beyond controversy, the truth is that Super Mario Run paints very well. As seen in the first gameplays, Nintendo has achieved a quality adaptation for its star franchise.

When will Super Mario Run arrive on Android?

There is no official data regarding the departure of Super Mario Run for Android, but we bet it will come out in the first quarter of 2017. Nintendo can not ignore the success that have already had the previous two games, Miitomo and Pokémon GO. As hard as piracy is a plausible concern, it certainly will soon land on Android. In iOS will be next week, December 15.

At this point it is a risky bet. What if Samsung reserved a surprise letter for the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8? The only Android mobile compatible with Super Mario Run, a downloadable game from the Samsung Apps store. Who else bets on this?

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