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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Super Mario Run for iOS, now also Super Mario Android?

For if anyone is a doubt Super Mario Run - the first hit of Nintendo for mobile platforms - is achieving brutal chart success of the App Store, causing a similar Pokemon Go furor but of course, only for users of iPhone and iPad, and Android users will have to wait until 2017 is expected, right?

Is there really Super Mario Run Android?

Because it seems that many savvy developers have taken advantage of the success of Nintendo to create clonic apps that have appeared like mushrooms Google Play with the sole purpose of confusing the personal and incidentally, make a little money with the product and the brand image Mario Bros.

In particular there are two apps that takes the cake: Mario Run Run Jumper and Super Plumber, which incidentally are causing a furor among Android users, achieving top positions placed in the Play Store downloads. As expected, Mario Run Jumper has been suspended after receiving complaints from Nintendo because obviously, violates the Google Play policy being a blatant copy. We predict that the same fate will run for Super Plumber Run.

Other apps in the Google Play platform promise users install Super Mario Run on Android, something completely and utterly false. If you are an Android user, beware of these scams.

And it is that Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone was released on a global scale on Thursday and although the guys at Nintendo are working on it, the reality is that first focused on the iOS platform to ensure an exceptional experience, given its robustness and stability against the numerous bugs and variations between Android terminals.

Nintendo and Apple have worked hard to develop a product that perfectly adapts to new technologies - with touch technology, better image quality and devices with interfaces ranging from 5 inches to 10 - while maintaining the classic essence of Mario and judging by the experience, they have succeeded .

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