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Friday, 9 December 2016

Super Mario Run requires internet connection, there is no offline mode

Just a few days away Super Mario Run officially come to the iPhone and iPad, why these days are hearing a lot about this highly anticipated game to hit the App Store Nintendo's hand. Well, today has been able to know another feature about this game, and is that it will not have offline mode.

What does this mean? Very simple, that in order to enjoy Super Mario Run on your iOS device need to be connected to the Internet, either through a WiFi network or via your mobile data plan.

Apparently, the reason given for that no offline mode Super Mario Run is to avoid problems related to piracy. If you want to know more about this subject we invite you to continue reading, as we explain below more details.

Piracy, which is why Super Mario Run requires Internet connection

In Nintendo they are concerned about the risks of piracy, since the game will be released in 150 countries on millions of devices. And apparently the Internet connection is key to avoid it, because it is used to update game safeguards and to synchronize progress through devices.

Super Mario Run is ready to hit the App Store later this week, even it is possible to download the playable demos on iPhone and iPad to make the wait more enjoyable. It is the first Super Mario game for iOS and millions of users around the world are eager to download it to your device.

In this version, the user must use the touch controls to jump to other platforms, obstacles and collect coins to the most famous plumber in the world. However, there is a small detail that could darken slightly the arrival of Super Mario Run, is that the game will require internet connection to play, significantly limiting the attractiveness of a mobile game.

Shigeru Miyamoto explained in an interview recently given to Mashable that Super Mario Run will require a constant Internet connection to play. And the company is concerned about privacy software.

On the other hand, states that want to ensure that users of Super Mario Run can enjoy it in a completely secure and are able to play in a stable environment. In addition, Miyamoto says they wanted to be able to take advantage of that network connection with the three modes available to keep all modes working together and offer the game so that the software is safe.

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