Super Mario Run was not as successful as expected -


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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Super Mario Run was not as successful as expected

Reviews "Super Mario Run" apparently are causing confusion among shareholders Nintendo, which suggests the true success of the game. With a fall in the company's stock since the launch of the app and despite the fact that Nintendo issued a statement praising the performance of the game, the numbers and users seem to say otherwise.

At the closing of activities on December 14, Nintendo shares ended with a value of 27,975 yen per share. At the end of the trading day on December 20, the price had fallen to 24,815 yen per share.

This is not new for Nintendo, as the company 's shares were higher on July 19 this year by the phenomenon of "Pokémon GO", approaching the figure of 31,770 yen per share. Days later, the shares lost half of their gains in the short term, after Nintendo reminded their investors about the revenue sharing necessary for Pokémon GO.

The two titles, "Super Mario Run" and "Pokémon GO," have different revenue models. "Super Mario Run" is entirely owned by Nintendo and has a one-time $ 9.99 purchase that opens new game modes, among other things. On the other hand, the revenues of "Pokémon GO" are shared by many parties and depend on consumable purchases in the game.

Nintendo has not made a statement about the percentage of players who are buying the update for the full game. But it is believed that at between 5 and 9 percent, they update the game by paying only $ 9.99.

Nintendo claims that there are no plans to expand the game at this time.

Super Mario Run was presented during the event iPhone Release 7 September. Nintendo also promises titles related to a series of adventures "Fire Emblem" and the construction of city "Animal Crossing" for mobile in March of 2017.

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