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Monday, 12 December 2016

Super Mario Run: what you can play for free and what not

Throughout these weeks, either directly or through Nintendo leaks, we know more details of the launch of the year, Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone, confirmed for Thursday 15 December. While we have been collecting information on the post Everything you must know Super Mario Run , we are gradually publishing new information.

A topic that always raises blisters is the price. When the release date was confirmed it was learned that the price is 10 euros, but you can play for free . And it is known that Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone is free to some extent. But of course, then many questions arise ...

Usually free games are often plagued with publicity, something that is often really annoying. In addition, if there is a possibility to pay, what differences will there be between a payment user and a free one? Will there be additional levels? Will paid users have premium access? Will there be extra bonuses? Will Super Mario Run users be temporarily restricted? We will try to answer all these questions.

Super Mario Run, what can you play for free and what not?

How much to pay?

The disbursement of 10 euros will be unique, ie no micro payments, you will not have to pay for absolutely nothing anymore.

Will free users have to endure advertising?

Predictably yes, but until the game will not launch we can not realize how much advertising and how uncomfortable it will be.

If I pay absolutely nothing, what can I play?

The free version allows you to play whatever we want, yes, at all three levels of the first world. If you want to unlock the remaining levels, you will have to pay to have the complete game.

If I pay for Super Mario Run, what do I get?

At the moment desembolsas 10 euros to buy Super Mario Run, you have access to all levels in all game modes. You will not need to pay more to play with other characters, buildings, costumes ... that is, you have full access to all the content.

In addition, Nintendo gives you 3000 coins and 20 tickets for Toad Rally mode, which allows you to play online with anyone else in the world - and of course , sting with friends - making it easier for the work to achieve more points and finish the screen before Your adversary. We believe that the Toad Rally is the real hook for acquiring the game.

Is it worth buying Super Mario Run for iPad and iPhone?

Until we test, we can not speak confidently. But personally, enjoying a mythical video game on our favorite devices is a real pleasure and no doubt being able to compete with friends is promising, although we consider that the price is something high.

It will be necessary to see if it is true that Super Mario Run guarantees at least 12 - 15 hours of play and how they behave both the connections and the playability in tactile and reduced interfaces.

Of course, regardless of whether you decide to play for free or pay, the first will be to download Super Mario Run for iOS:

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