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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Super Mario Run will not reach the success of Pokémon GO

Last week we saw how the new Nintendo game, Super Mario Run, became one of the applications with higher profits in just one hour of being released, and the company's analysts, App Annie has now added more numbers to all this. The company reports that Nintendo has achieved the not inconsiderable figure of ten million downloads, and generated more than four million dollars in profits.

The company claims that "Given its visibility, it should not be a surprise that became one of the highest ranking games, thanks to downloads it has had in more than sixty countries immediately after its release. Based on the preliminary estimates, all this includes about ten million downloads and four million dollars that have invested consumers around the world since December 15. "

Very different business models

The firm said it would be interesting to compare the performance of the game against Pokémon GO, seeing that both have a different business model.

GO Pokémon reached the hundred million downloads, and was earning ten million dollars a day even three weeks after its release. One of the analysts even came to estimate that the game could be worth almost three trillion dollars for Apple in the frame of one or two years.

However, it is very unlikely that Super Mario Run will follow the trail left by Pokémon GO, says App Annie. Pokémon GO follows a "freemium" model, with optional purchases within the application, and will continue to generate profits as long as users remain hooked to the game. Super Mario Run, on the other hand, offers only a purchase of 9.99 euros / dollars to unlock the full game. Therefore, the profit achieved is more likely to be in the game life cycle.

It is very likely that Super Mario Run does not reach the success of Pokémon GO and, after a few weeks, lower profits dramatically as people are forgotten him. In addition, one of its major drawbacks is that you can not play the game without an internet connection .

Have you tried this new game from Nintendo? Leave your answer in the comments!

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