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Sunday, 4 December 2016

The advantages of the renewed App Store

Yesterday Friday, December 2 Apple updated its application platform, that is, the well-known App Store for iOS to version 4.1. Among the new features include two of them: their rich notifications and new functionality of the Apple Store for smartwatch, giving a major boost to its market less settled gadget, the Apple Watch.

Apple users know the notifications enriched relatively recently, come from iOS 10. This type of ads add more information than a regular reporting and in many cases are interactive, allowing a more fluid use of your device to be able to respond to them Without ever having to unlock the terminal.

But the main novelty of the new face of App Store is none other than its orientation towards the Apple Watch, which updated enables new features such as the purchase with a single click - recalls that Apple to acquire an app have to click on Buy, regardless of whether the app is paid or free -, yes, let the list of favorites.

And the items added to a user's favorite list - whether from devices with iOS like iPad or iPhone, or from the web from any computer - will be visible from the Apple Watch and therefore can be easily purchased By clicking them from its interface.

To pay Apple Pay, which for a couple of days will be used is available in our country and for which we have prepared several tutorials with the aim of using it to learn from any Apple device. So remember that to buy you will need to have Apple Pay activated as a credit or debit card.

Thus, Apple streamlines the one hand and gives value to your smartwatch expanding its functionality and the other force its users to become familiar with its Apple Pay payment platform, which gradually expands globally.

Finally, Apple itself has revealed in its press release that the update also include nonspecific improvements and other developments. To get the new App Store proceeds as usual: just go to the App Store and updates the outstanding apps.

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