The Apple Watch of the future will warn you of dangers in your environment -


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Friday, 2 December 2016

The Apple Watch of the future will warn you of dangers in your environment

Apple registered a patent quite hopeful and surprising Thursday that could make the difference in positioning its Apple Watch over other wearables. This is a set of sensors located in the area of ​​the speaker that could analyze small samples of gas or liquid from the environment in which we are located. In this way, the device could use the data obtained to monitonize environmental conditions, record changes and even alter the user in case of potential hazards.

Implemented properly, it could allow both the iPhone and the Apple Watch future are your first line of defense when potentially dangerous situations happen, either through vibration alert notifications or, in the case of iWatch.

This sensor kit could include components that monitor a large number of variables such as volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, oxygen and ozone concentrations, moisture and chemical or biological substances, among others. Thus for example an iPhone or an Apple Watch could detect that there is a gas leak in your home.

As you can guess, installing such a large sensor kit on such a small device is not an easy task. As well as other sensors such as accelerometers, inertial and position can be embedded within a phone, other sensors such as fluid should be at least partially exposed to the elements to be measured. That is a problem, because these environmental situations are not the most favorable for the electronic components that make up these gadgets.

Currently, Apple's solution passes through to locate the sensors in the speaker, where it can be exposed to the environment without risk of damage since it cavities are prepared to support these situations. In addition, the movement of a diaphragm inside the loudspeaker facilitates the circulation of air or water, so that its monitoring is optimal and accurate.

As with every Apple patent we can only pleasantly surprised by the innovation and expect soon be integrated into devices, but need not occur.

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