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Saturday, 17 December 2016

The best alternatives to Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad

The day came. On December 15 last he appeared in the App Store the year 's most anticipated game, Super Mario Run. However, it seems that it has not met everyone's expectations.

So today we bring from CydiaPlus a compilation with the best alternatives to Super Mario Run, both free, and paid. So you do not have an excuse to play games with your iPad or iPhone.

The Smurfs Epic Run

That's right , the Smurfs are already on iOS ready to run the race of their lives. We find a game of mechanics similar to Super Mario Run, in which characters as well known as Papa Smurf run automatically, while we help them to overcome different obstacles.

Rayman Adventures

The classic franchise from Ubisoft, Rayman, appeared some time ago on iOS, with a game art design and gameplay care. We will have to slide, run and jump, to overcome the trials of the precious little man's world with floating fists.

Wind-up Knight 2

Draw your sword in this fun game, that while graphics sins somewhat outdated, we give lots of hours of entertainment. Of course, it is possible that with this game you begin to take a little mania to the obstacles in the platforms games. We have warned you.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Choose your favorite Unicorn Robot in this game brought by the irreverent adult swim developers. Customize your character and fight bitter (and random) multiplayer battles where you never know what will happen. After all, there is nothing more unpredictable than a robot unicorns.

Punch Quest

Unleash your rage Punch Quest, a game in which your main goal will be to lower the smoke of all kinds of enemies based on punching. Make sure you do not punch the screen, because that does not cover the warranty.

Fun Run

Few games are as cute as Fun Run. But do not be fooled, because the rivalry in this game has no limits. Use all power - ups that need to reach the other seven players who are with you-and Alzate victory!

Go! Go! CommanderVideo

From the creators of wonders like BIT.TRIP comes Go! Go! CommanderVideo a pixel style game in which you will try to collect all possible currencies through a world where HD has not been discovered. Be happy to be at least 16: 9.


Canabalt is a true classic flash game portals, and now it will be in the App Store, by 0.99 cents can get one of the most addictive games continuous career I've had in my life. I assure you that few can rival this game.

Space Dog Run

Do you like vehicles? Do you like dogs? ... Do you like pilot dogs? If the answer is yes then Space Dog Run will enchant you. Controls an adorable dog through maps that we can get all kinds of vehicles such as cars, helicopters, or even submarines.

Alto's Adventure

Alto's Adventure is, rightly, one of the best games on the App Store. And is that the design of this game, is simply fascinating. Cuts through the highest mountains with your snowboard with this artwork.

You already have the alternatives, now, what will be the next one you play?

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