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Monday, 5 December 2016

The best apps for iPhone and iPad to know what to give at Christmas

The lights of colors illuminate the streets, the department stores radian carols non-stop, the outside smells chestnut and cold ... yes friends, the countdown has already begun: in less than three weeks we will be at Christmas! It is time to put the batteries and acquire and gifts for Santa Claus, Three Kings, Olentzero or the Armadillo Christmas. From CP we want to help you advising you with the best apps for iOS to know what to give at Christmas, or simply to manage you in that arduous task.


The first thing of all will be to organize and think to whom we have to give, what budget we have and what we can give them. For all this we can use a traditional notebook or dive into the 21st century and continue using our beloved iPhone or iPad for more work.

In the App Store we can find several similar apps, but GiftPlanner is probably the one that has the most pleasant interface. This is a very powerful application that lets you add contacts, manage the status of gifts, meet the budget and has invested password from intruders eager to discover your gift. GiftPlanner is available in free and paid version, it is in Castilian and you can install it in both iPhone and iPad and iWatch.


Yes, yes ... But who gives me and how they know what I want? Quiet, for that, there is nothing better than installing the GiftBuster app - totally free and in Spanish -, add our list of gifts from the stores we choose, invite your family and friends, cross your fingers and wait. In this way your loved ones have no excuse to continue giving you socks and pajamas.

In addition, it also has a birthday reminder and allows you to pay via PayPal if you want to make a collection for your next vacation.


If you love fashion, Asos is your app. In Asos you will be able to know all the trends of fashion at varied prices, from first brands to own brands. With free shipping, you'll lose your almost infinite catalog. The search is simple and powerful, with a very precise filtering. Compatible for Apple Watch.


The app clothing and accessories par excellence, with thousands of brands and discounts every week and own application. Filter, select, save in favorites and in less than a week you have it in the door of your house. With an excellent return policy - you have up to 100 days - without shipping and with various payment methods. Zalando test and no longer return to queue to pay at the malls.

The app is available for free, has acceptable functionality for the volume of stock available, is in Castilian and you can use it on both iPhone and iPad or Apple Watch.



What can we say about Amazon that you no longer know? In the giant created by Jeff Bezos you can buy from a box of milk to underpants going through the first edition of Amar in times of cholera. Great prices, incredible offers, shipping status tracking, different delivery options and a fantastic and immediate return management. Become premium and enjoy flat rate shipping. As the only counter to note is that it does not allow payment against refund or PayPal.

You can install Amazon on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, the interface is very intuitive and simple and of course, in Castilian.



Surely you have a family member who has become independent or a couple of friends who have started the beautiful adventure of coexistence. In those times of need, even a fruit box can serve as a table. Take this Christmas and Buy them one cuqui furniture - yes, we know you can buy the typical contraption with Norse name that can be mounted on three Sunday afternoons discovering leftover les 7 pieces - on this website. Of very simple use, it allows the filtering by trends and categories and above all with very good genre. Big discounts, free shipping and totally free.



Because not only fashionable man lives, we can let our imaginations and buy pure craftsmanship creators around the world with unique and exclusive products, helping to pull his little project forward.

The app is free, also works on Apple Watch and serves as a platform for contact between buyers and sellers, so each store has its own shipping policies and costs.

We hope that our recommendations are useful. If you know other interesting gift apps, let us know in the comments. Merry Christmas!

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