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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The best apps to control your health with the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a device with a hardware content, yet is able to perform lots of different functions, although it is not going through its best . It gives developers the ability to create an app that know they will always be with us. It is for this reason precisely because it is a great tool to keep us always aware of what happens in our body.

With a multitude of sensors inside, and the ability to receive information without going through the iPhone (in some cases), our clock allows us to control our health, and improve introducing new healthier habits. Today, in CP, we bring you a compilation with some apps that will surely help you with it.


Hundreds of doctors at your disposal, ready to answer any medical questions you have. This is how HealthTap helps you by providing you with quick and safe (but not free) access to the "consultation" of some of the top US doctors. So you do not have to look it up on Google anymore, which in the long run will surely save you some silly disgust.


One of the best apps to follow your food closely. You yourself decide what you want or not want to eat, and Tasteful fits your needs. Also use your Apple Watch app to quickly find the best places to eat, suited to your diet.


Directs yourself your workouts, Gymatic, is responsible for monitoring them . Control from the repetitions of each exercise, to your heart rate with this app, and discover how easy it is to stay in shape if you know what you are doing. And that you do it correctly.


Water is a source of life. To be more exact, ours. That's why hydration is one of the most important points when it comes to maintaining good health, and iHydrate helps us precisely with that, providing an easy and intuitive way a tracking system to ours.


Knowledge is power, and in the case of health, the best of remedies. Know in detail what our diseases, is the first step to learn to treat them properly ( in addition of course to visit a specialist), and WebMD is one of the best databases created for this purpose.


Who said exercise is not fun? Maybe that person did not know Carrot. Carrot, the AI ​​without mercy, is willing to help all those who do not dare to play sports for fear of hurting themselves. From now on , you will not fear the sport, but Carrot.


Because fertility is an equally important aspect in the health of humans like any other, Clue is willing to help control the periods of women. Because it is always better to have everything under control, even before it occurs.

Do you know any other app that helps us lead a healthier life? Do not hesitate to share it!

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