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Thursday, 1 December 2016

The best Christmas-themed iPhone cases

Another year, holiday season approaching and, being so close, we have to start thinking about gifts. You buy them as soon as possible these days becomes crucial, because then there may be lack of stock on some products, and we can bring an unpleasant surprise.

So if you have an iPhone 7 iPhone 6 iPhone 6s or you're bored with your old case and you want to be the last buying a Christmas - themed, this is your article.

IPhone Cases

We started by Apple last terminals. We are fortunate that devices Cupertino firm, there are a variety of cases.

Pacyer® iPhone 7

The iPhone Pacyer 7 case is made with a material well known to all, TPU. It protects the device from bumps, scrapes and drops, and has easy access to buttons. Besides, it is a case that only adds 1.2mm thick.

Available on Amazon Kindle for £ 8.99 with free shipping.

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Qissy® iPhone 7

This case is the same material as the Pacyer, TPU, founded therefore offer the same guarantees. In addition to protection against bumps, scrapes and drops, this brand offers, besides which I will then 19 more , each more original and funny different designs.

This case costs € 8.99 with free shipping in Spain.

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IPhone Cases

We continue with the star terminal of the Cupertino firm. Here we leave you the covers that we have liked for the "big" seventh generation iPhone.

Manziron iPhone 7 Plus Case

"Traditional" plastic housing protects against scratches and small bumps. It offers a beautiful Christmas design for lovers of this time of year.

This case has a price of 5.80 € with free shipping.

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Silicone case designed and manufactured by UtArt, which protects against all types of bumps, scratches and falls. Robust case, good quality and with good design. What more can we ask for?

This case has a cost of € 11.99 with free shipping.

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IPhone 6 / 6s Cases

Qissy® iPhone 6 / 6s Case

TPU housing thanks to the technology of micro molecules of polymers, provides exceptional protection against all types of strokes. Besides, it is "ultra-thin" so that the thickness of the device will not be affected. Within the link, you can choose from 19 other designs.

This case has a cost of € 8.99 with free shipping.

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Qissy® iPhone 6 / 6s Case

Today everything goes with the mark Qissy. But that manufacture some products of exceptional quality. In this case, it offers almost 20 different holiday - themed designs in a TPU casing, which protects against bumps, drops and scratches.

This case, in Amazon Spain, is priced at € 8.99 with free shipping.

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Thanks to Apple, its customers have a wide variety of accessories to customize their device, unlike other manufacturers of mobile phones, where the bulk of the extras is concentrated in a few terminals, leaving aside to the rest.

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