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Monday, 26 December 2016

The best of Apple in 2016: A review of the best advances of the year

We are on the threshold of the end of this year 2016, and it is time to take a look to the past, to get an idea of what will happen in the future. Today, we will try, from a personal point of view, some of the most important and beneficial steps Apple has given throughout the year that we are about to leave.

And it is that even though it seems not to have been a year full of innovations, if we have seen how Apple has some other major leap. From the methods of interaction with our computers, to great improvements in the designs of their products, going through some leaps of faith in some aspects how the audio.

Apple's new designs, more resistance-centric than ever

It was something that would come sooner or later. In this case, I'm late, at least mobile, however, I want to emphasize the work of carrying water resistance no longer the iPhone in July, but the Apple Watch Series 2 . The new Apple Watch, was the first to bring full water resistance, without losing all the characteristics that make you unique, starting with its ever larger ecosystem.

In addition, we find another great novelty, which of course did not go unnoticed. IPhone 7 in its glossy black finish, finally determined that aluminum is not synonymous with matte colors, although they still have to be solved that little problem of "micro - abrasions".

A more wireless future, or at least as far as audio is concerned

In this case, what many consider a step back, I begin to see it as a great leap forward. I speak of course of the removal of the connector Jack 3.5 on the iPhone in July, something that certainly set the standard for the industry. It has been a hard sacrifice, but I am sure that getting rid of this analog connector, will allow a lot of progress in design.

Moreover, he could not avoid talking about Apple's first foray into wireless headphones with AirPods . These small devices whose design represents this part of the article, remind us that comfort does not have to be fought with quality. After leaving, many have already praised its innovative features, and personally, I can not wait to see the next iterations of this new product.

New forms of interaction in personal computers

I could not forget, another of the great changes made by the company, this time in personal computing. And the Touch Bar the new MacBook Pro is the first step that both had expected a more interactive Mac a Mac touch.

This touch band that has begun to be integrated into the new high - end laptops Apple offers a great versatility to handle the most frequented by professional programs, and certainly should be mentioned as one of the great innovations of Apple of this years 2016.

Waiting for what will happen in 2017

In my opinion, these were the three major advances that Apple has brought this 2016. As I said, have seemed a year of continuity, but as I have shown, we have received several innovations that undoubtedly marked a turning point in The next products of the company.

We have been allowed to take a little look at what is coming in 2017, and personally I can not wait any longer to see what we are prepared for.

What, in your opinion, were the best Apple ads this year?

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