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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The best Super Mario Run wallpapers for your iPhone

The task of enduring the desire to play Super Mario Run is getting tougher. With every minute, we know we move further to the international launch of Nintendo's second foray into the mobile gaming market. And there is not a single day when you do not personally check that it is not available on the App Store.

And is that since there are only a couple of days for that Dec. 15, the day the favorite plumber in the world, desembaracará exclusively on iPhone and iPad through Apple's digital platform. And to celebrate, today we bring you a few images with which to personalize your iPhone.

Free Download these Super Mario Run Backgrounds

From iDownloadBlog , we find a good compilation of wallpapers ready to flood your devices mushrooms and boxes surprise. And not for less, since few games are expected as much as this, considered a success before even being released to the market.

As always, and facilitates things, from CydiaPlus we let you quickly download the background that you like, clicking on the download button located under each fund. You only have to go through the Settings to give your iPhone that touch Super Mario that we have always liked.

And remember you can also find on our website the characters that are at your disposal in the game , along with the different levels and game modes available in the game 's release.

We hope that this helps to move a little faster the little time left until the button game page on the App Store Notify change to free. And is that even if the years hit us, Super Mario will always be with us to remind us that we will always have a princess to save, although it almost always seems like it does not want to be saved from a giant tortoise that throws fire like an enraged dragon.

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