The first AirPods are being shipped to their buyers -


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Sunday, 18 December 2016

The first AirPods are being shipped to their buyers

In September, Apple unveiled a glimpse of his project of a wireless future in every way, with the presentation of the AirPods, small fully wireless designed to deliver all of the bonds headphones. However, these were some problems in their development , and were forced to delay the launch.

From CydiaPlus and we have been telling you all you need to know about these little beasts, from their characteristics , to what would have to pay if at any time you lose any of the AirPods . Today, we bring you good news for all those who have already made your order in the Apple Online Store.

AirPods are already leaving the warehouses

A few days ago, the presale of the first wireless headset manufactured by Apple was activated, now they tell us from MacRumors the start of shipments. Many users of social networks Reddit and Twitter , are beginning to publish screenshots of your status update, relieving those who did not have very clear if the forecasts are met.

Thus, it becomes much more feasible the idea of waiting a AirPods under the tree this Christmas. Although sure many will not be able to endure until Christmas day to open that little white packet that will contain your new wireless headsets.

After many doubts, the AirPods are already a reality

It has been several months that we have been without news of one of the most interesting and criticized releases of Apple. The AirPods have been the target of all kinds of taunts by the community, but certainly have managed to muddle through.

Now, we find many doubt whether or not be a good buy for this season. But I am sure that, in the coming days, with its commercial launch, we will be much clearer the ideas, after all, the AirPods have the time to do their field test.

And you, will you buy some AirPods?

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