The first update of Super Mario Run comes with a new game mode -


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Thursday, 22 December 2016

The first update of Super Mario Run comes with a new game mode

Although it has sown many doubts at launch, and no one doubts that Super Mario Run has been a success in their first days of life. Maybe you have not reached Pokémon GO yet, but it is clear that, despite this, the numbers involved are very encouraging.

And for the moment, it seems that this is going to stop, and that is that Nintendo has already begun to integrate some of the features users are asking for your feedback. The update today, demonstrates the interest that Nintendo has in maintaining its game, something that we hope to maintain for a few years, especially by users who have already paid the 10 euros.

Run against your friends without losing tickets to the Friendly Race

Not long ago, we mentioned a little above the position in which Nintendo was regarding the additional content in Super Mario Run . These, had refused for the moment to introduce new maps or modes to the game, at least in the near future.

However, today's update brought us a pleasant surprise. And now we can play Friendly Races against the friends we have added to Super Mario Run, without having to spend racing tickets. Although that yes, there will be a limit of races that will be reestablished with the time.

Now it's easier to link your game with Facebook

In addition to this new gameplay, we can find another "new" functionality (or maybe resolved critical error) also related to friends, although this time has to do with how we find them. Before, some of our friends in Facebook should have installed the application so that it could be linked to the account, however, this is no longer necessary, so we can be aware from the beginning about whether we have any friend throwing races for the Mushroom Kingdom.

In short, we found a good update, to start the post-launch run of Super Mario Run correctly. Nintendo now just continue to work well in the game, and if possible without charge more than they have already charged to users.

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