The flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will receive the support of an S-Pen stylus

As reported sources report, the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is equipped with a large 6-inch display. Inside, closer to the development of devices, they claim that the device may be the first in the Galaxy S line, which was supported by the S-Pen pen.

Previously, Samsung digital pen holder was exclusive for Galaxy Note smartphones. And his appearance on the Galaxy S8 Plus can talk about Korean plans Renounce the Galaxy Note range. And the main reason for this step became the ruinous reputation of the latter by the failure of the планшетофона Galaxy Note 7.

According to analysts, the S Pen will not be incorporated into the body of the admiral. It will go on sale separately as an optional accessory. However, while rumors about the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus quite contradictory, as the Korean manufacturer is testing several smartphone prototypes with different functions.

It is rumored that next year Samsung will launch several of the new flagships. One of them gets the name Galaxy S8 and will be equipped with a 5.1-inch screen, and the other can boast of a large 6-inch screen and will appear on the market under the name Galaxy S8 Plus. When smartphones are attributed curved two-part display.

As for the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S8, rumored, will be held in an event in the month of April 2017.
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