The high demand for AirPods forces Inventec to expand its production capacity -


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Saturday, 31 December 2016

The high demand for AirPods forces Inventec to expand its production capacity

It seems that the large number of sales of AirPods caused by strong demand during the holidays year - end supplier Inventec have led to increase production capacity. At New Year's Eve, it seems Apple's wireless headsets are being welcomed by the community, so much so that it has exceeded expectations.

While Inventec declined to comment on its orders, it appears to have begun expanding capacity at its Shanghai plants, where overtime is currently being worked on to deliver orders.

Tim Cook briefly commented on the AirPods yesterday as he walked the floor of the New York Stock Exchange while on vacation. He called it "an overwhelming success" although that does not mean anything, really, without data or sales figures.

"AirPods are an overwhelming success, and we're doing them as fast as we can," Cook said.

The Apple online store currently has the AirPods with a wait of six weeks so it is good that Inventec expand its production capacity, which means that waiting times can be shortened even more, instead of making them more extensive.

On the other hand, if you were one of the first users to purchase Cupertino's wireless headset, make sure that the charging case has no symptoms of loss of charge, as there are some users who have experienced this same problem and the The only feasible solution they had was to change the equipment completely.

In the presence of this problem do not hesitate to consult the online technical support of Apple, or go to the nearest physical store in your locality to ask for a replacement.

It seems that this small inconvenience only occurred with the first delivery lots of the AirPods, so now it would be solved in its entirety.

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