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Friday, 2 December 2016

The iPad, responsible for the increase in bullying?

What today is known by the anglicized of bullying or bullying, actually has been going on throughout life, but only now has begun to fill sadly covers. Young people today are not worse than before, but have more tools and incentives to trigger his twisted imagination. That is why the British government has opened the debate on the use of new technologies in classrooms precisely this issue, as apparently excessive use of iPads and other electronic devices can help increase the bullying.

And every time the use of gadgets is increased in classrooms simply because they facilitate the teaching and learning through animations, video, color schemes, text manipulation and access to inabarcable information ... and all from a tablet that takes up less than A book of rings But it is precisely these infinite possibilities mixed with the technological skills that young people possess that allow their inappropriate use.

In that sense, the order is now clear: it is called to confiscate the devices without regard, and more if there is evidence that other children are being disturbed through various channels such as social networks. But coercion and punishment must always be the last resort, especially when we are talking about people in the process of formation. It's time to teach values not only to get good professionals, but also a good person.

For new technologies must find a balance technology, taking advantage of all the good that brings technology - which is a lot - but teaching youth to dose the time spent with them and of course, are not a game. Therefore, it is fundamental to instill that something should not be done on the internet so that you are not able to respond in real life. What is done on the Internet leaves a mark, can be constitutive of crime and therefore has consequences and responsibilities.

They are complicated times of life in which it is essential to learn to relate to others in a respectful and appropriate way. Technology on people, but online games or social networks can not and should not be a substitute for socialization.

It is also surprisingly, despite the educational potential of iPad, has been shown to be less effective than traditional school materials precisely because of the range of distractions they offer.

What do you think about the alarm launched by the British government? Is it too much or too short? Do you think that the use of gadgets like the iPad helps the learning or on the contrary only entertain and power distraction and harassment?

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