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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The iPhone 7 water resistance, under false advertising allegations

It is not the first time Apple's iPhone is denounced by consumer organizations, although once already received complaints about the announced versus actual capacity of the devices capacity, now is the water resistance of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the That they undergo the magnifying glass of the OCU when considering that the guarantees of Apple are scarce and that the ads of the ones of Cupertino constitute a misleading publicity with respect to this characteristic.

And it is that if you read the fine print warranty iPhone 7 we see that Apple does not include damage caused by water, but how can that be possible if the iPhone 7 claims to be waterproof? Likewise, this complaint is based on the error that induces the consumer on the resilience of the water of the iPhone in the advertisement "Salto", which we can see below:

In the announcement with Iberian dye - nevertheless it was shot in the Olympic swimming pool of Barcelona - we see a gentleman leaving his iPhone 7 playing a song at the edge of the pool with water in its point of support, that after the dip it supports the splashes without Immutating the sound quality and of course, working to perfection.

And what does the consumer deduce from this advertising campaign? Your iPhone 7 can splash without any problems. And in case of some strange circumstance there was some problem, Apple would assume the technical failure of the terminal. However, according to OCU "in the legal guarantee expressly excludes any damages caused by liquids". Lighter, water.

Does Apple fail to comply with the warranty legislation?

According to the Organization of Consumers and Users, if Apple excluding liquid damage your warranty, then you are breaking the law on guarantees, according to which the seller must offer guarantee all the characteristics reflected in advertising, despite the Warning that appears in the final part of the advertisement.

The solutions proposed by the OCU are two: o withdraw the announcement immediately or rectify it to avoid confusion between potential buyers. But it is not there the thing: the OCU also calls for a sanction "in proportion to the impact of the announcement and the turnover of the company, in order that they may turn not to repeat and go profitable this type of practices Companies that violate consumer rights. "

And you, what do you think of Apple's controversy? Do you think OCU is right? Do you have an iPhone 7 and have you tested its water resistance?

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