The jailbreak tool for iOS 10.1.1 is now available -


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Thursday, 22 December 2016

The jailbreak tool for iOS 10.1.1 is now available

Apple says iOS 10 is the best version that has created its mobile operating system. There is no doubt that brings numerous performance improvements and interface changes to offer a pleasant experience, as these five developments and delightful .

However, since it was released, iOS 10 ha presented many errors and Apple has been forced to release updates that solve problems. So he quickly came IOS 10.1, to correct Bluetooth connectivity , among other bugs.

Then came the update to iOS 10.1.1, according to Apple sought to fix a problem with the Health app but it was rather of actually correcting more serious than it seemed fault . But now comes news that surely many been waiting for : the jailbreak of iOS 10.1.1 is already a reality.

IOS 10.1.1 already has jailbreak and is now available to all

A few weeks ago officially became the update to IOS 10.2 for iPhone and iPad that brings new features like 100 completely new emoji or copies of thousand times safer security. Taking advantage of this new version, Apple announced that iOS fails to sign 10.1 and 10.1.1 , which means that users will no longer make a downward update after installing iOS 10.2.

But today comes the jailbreak version 10.1.1, hand Luca Todesco, the hacker who has become famous for getting free Apple devices and often not throw the tools for it. However, today launches its special Christmas gift in the form of the first version of yalu, which is now available from their website .

So far, only it works on iPhone iOS 7 10.1.x, in addition to the iPhone and iPad Pro 6s with any version of iOS in October. This tool, which the author emphasizes that it is in beta, is to jailbreak iOS 10 , but also serves to iOS version 10.1.1.

We should note that yalu not work connecting the device to your computer and pressing the button with the "Jailbreak" option, as with other recent tools. To install yalu, you must use "Cydia Impactor" which has been updated to work with this method.

A point to note is that this jailbreak requires the app to run every time the device is turned off, since it is semi-tethered. As for installing tweaks, you have to have some patience because he still can not be installed many. This is because "Cydia Substrate" has not yet updated.

Todesco announces that it is working on support for more devices, but will have to be patient. The important thing is that at least we already have the jailbreak available for iOS 10.1.1.

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