The new AirPods are completely irreparable and can not be recycled -


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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The new AirPods are completely irreparable and can not be recycled

The new AirPods Apple is a masterpiece of engineering and technology through miniaturization of all elements of your hardware. This offers great advantages, but also has its disadvantages ...

IFixit has unmounted the AirPods piece by piece for their first teardown in order to reveal the operation of all components, circuits and chips hidden behind the plastic.

The AirPods contain a tiny battery of 93 milliwatts (1% of the size of the battery of an iPhone) that offers 5 hours of battery life to wearables. But, unfortunately, according to iFixit AirPods are neither repairable nor recyclable.

The process of repairing AirPods is practically impossible

The AirPods come with a small carrying case that provides up to 24 hours of additional battery. IFixit has also disassembled it, and they have shared very interesting images of its interior.

Unfortunately AirPods will only be opened by a special knife or pliers, thus shattering the plastic housing in the process. So its repair is practically impossible.

Luckily, defective batteries are part of the one - year warranty, and Apple also offers spare parts of a Airpod .

The AirPods contain a lot of components in a very small space, the base circuit board is located at the head of the AirPods, along with the chip W1 and other microscopic components.

The cane (the stick-shaped piece) of the AirPods contains the battery of 93 milliwatts, which iFixit reports is absolutely minuscule. That's only 1% of the battery capacity iPhone in July.

As for the cargo case of the AirPods, it is surprisingly difficult to open. Plastic layers cover the battery that provides 24 hours of playback. The battery capacity is 1.52 Wh case, more than the Apple Watch.

Finally, from iFixit they have wanted to emphasize that the AirPods have a score of 0/10 of "repairability" but luckily have a high resistance to shock and dives underwater.

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