The new AirPods are slow to arrive for this reason -


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Sunday, 11 December 2016

The new AirPods are slow to arrive for this reason

When introduced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , which ignore the first jack 3.5 mm jack, Apple also announced the new AirPods. Although you can connect headphones via Lightning, the idea is to promote the use of wireless models, which are called to be the next standard.

The new Apple wireless headphones are a very interesting option for its operation that seems like magic and its innovative design that makes them unique. However, the main problem of AirPods is being launched. Apple promised they would arrive in October, then announced they would take longer, and the date remains a mystery.

New Apple AirPods, why is its launch delayed?

As I mentioned, Tim Cook's announcement announced the arrival of the new wireless headsets for last October, but it was not. Since then, rumors have not ceased about when we will see them reach the market and, above all, the reason for their delay. As we told you a few weeks ago, the production of AirPods delayed again and will be more limited than it would be in principle.

There was talk of late December as the time for the start of production, and estimated that could be sold in January 2017 or even later, thus ruling out the possibility of acquiring the AirPods during the Christmas season.

As for the reason for the delay, they get new information from the specialized media 9to5Mac , pointing to Bluetooth. Apple has not commented about it , but said half echo of the new report is published by the Wall Street Journal , which speaks of the two active wireless connections that require headphones for simultaneous delivery of transmissions.

Ie the reason for the delay in launching the AirPods may lie in a failure of performance due to a problem with the control of dual connectivity via Bluetooth. The AirPods receive independent signals from an iPhone or other compatible devices, but Apple is working to ensure that both helmets receive audio simultaneously to avoid distortion. The report refers to a close the process of development, which speaks of the effort of the company to find a new way to transmit signals between both handsets source.

Another fact that reveals the source is that there are other problems that Apple must solve before launching the AirPods the market, such as connection loss when the battery runs out or what happens when the user loses one of the handsets. So between these types of issues and failure resolution of dual Bluetooth connectivity, new AirPods still must undergo further testing to provide trouble - free operation. If not, Apple will be pounding their ears at the criticism of their wireless headsets.

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