The new iOS 10.3 beta will let you see a dark mode -


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Saturday, 31 December 2016

The new iOS 10.3 beta will let you see a dark mode

We have just witnessed a series of tweets hand a filter of information on Apple, which leaves us two very succulent starters and do not have been able to avoid counting. The key name of this beta is Erie and has fallen in love.

In these tweets, Sonny Dickson says that this beta will be released in two weeks doing actually one of the rumors that make us more excited: dark mode comes to the iPhone.

At last we can see a wish come true

This dream is nothing less than a dark mode for our iPhone and iPad. This mode comes under the name of cinema mode but this is not the only feature that brings the beta.

This mode is accompanied by an icon in the Control Center with the shape of a dove, a whole way movies. The truth is that the dark modes of the companies are often called the movie mode, so we do not miss this name at all.

The information has been checked

9to5macfriends mates have talked to Sonny to contrast his tweets and he has made clear that the information comes from a source that gave good results in the past.

Apple usually releases earlier versions of iOS updates for the companies can prove, and that makes some employees may have privileged access to be betas.

Nothing is missing to know if it's true

Given the importance of this information we can assume that on January 10 we will discover whether it is true or not, when developers try to reach with their hands.

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