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Friday, 9 December 2016

The new Telegram and IFTTT, maximum functionality

Every day that passes, Telegram continues to advance along the way to become the perfect instant messaging app. It is no longer just a matter of rival WhatsApp , it also strives to become one of the most functional applications available. And for that, that better than joining the internet revolution of things.

And it is a sector that is becoming more and more important in the overall technology landscape. Not only working on being able to control everything around us with our phone, it seeks to interconnect all that owns an internet connection, for greater overall effectiveness in our lives.

Telegram, now compatible with IFTTT

And no one knows more about how to achieve that interconnectivity, that those responsible for IFTTT (If This Then do That), who have been working closely with developers Telegram to achieve making the app, in the first of its class full integration with this system . And to use it, just we have to "call" a bot.

That's right, we just have to do something as simple as talking to a bot, or mention it in our conversations with @IFTTT to be able to interact directly with him. In addition, we can use the app or the web ifttt to set a series of "recipes" to help us make Telegram the center of our lives connected.

It is thanks to Steam 's summer we have our endless possibilities to reach a. From setting up our mobile to let us know with a small message that it will rain the next day, that when we send a specific message to the bot, the lights of our house will turn on, and start to play our favorite music of Spotify.

We just have to configure it at our convenience, in a friendly and simple environment. Or, we can use the already designed by the community of Steam 's summer always available from the website or application configurations. It's just a matter of putting a little imagination into it.

And you, will you try this new feature of Telegram? Did you already know IFTTT?

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