The next Apple Watch could be thinner -


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Thursday, 22 December 2016

The next Apple Watch could be thinner

Apple is investigating the possibility of transferring the haptic engine - the manager replies vibration Apple Watch - watch chassis to the belt. A design that will allow a finer product.

The information has been extracted from a patent that Apple has released this Thursday. Have a finer watch in exchange for more expensive straps? That could be Apple's investment that may not be to the liking of all users.

We will see vibrating belts

The patent has been registered under the title: Mechanism for the belt with haptic response. What comes to say, a device with circuits and haptic response structures placed on the belt. Being able to warn its owner of alerts and notifications, promising the same experience as if this response engine were in the chassis of the clock.

According to the patent, said belt incorporates hardware including electromagnetic technology, piezoelectric technology and / or electroreactive polymers. This hardware allows the belt to move sideways or side to side, depending on the device that contains it.

The movement can be very different depending on the components commissioned to produce the vibrations. For example, the haptic components can produce a great range of sensations, from pressure through movements and coming to simulation of vibrations. For their part, the response generators can concatenate two or more vibrations.

The haptic belt would receive instructions from the watch via a wired connection. We have deducted due to the creation by Apple of a diagnostic port capable of transferring information and energy to wereable.

That the vibrations are given on the belt instead of on the device, can make the user more easily aware of the notifications that come from the watch. Since the clocks are in a part of the body that is constantly moving and, sometimes, they lose certain haptic alerts.

This Apple patent opens the ban on speculation about the new generation of Apple watches. Will they be thinner? Will we have to buy original straps to be able to have vibration?

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