The Nokia C1 that will arrive next year can be like this -


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Monday, 19 December 2016

The Nokia C1 that will arrive next year can be like this

2017 is already here, less than two weeks away. For many mobile phone lovers 2017 is marked on the calendar since Microsoft left Nokia. And is that the 2017 was the year planned for the Finns to be able to make cell phones. That's why many are waiting for the new Nokia C1. Today we bring you the vision that has one of the famous designers of Smartphone concepts.


The device adopts a rectangular format and the part of the camera remembers in almost all the Lumia. We have a dual camera, thus joining Nokia to the latest trend of dual cameras in the world of smartphones. If you look you have some memory to the first Pureview, at which time Nokia was at the top in terms of mobile photography. The photo module is complete including a 12 and 16 megapixel sensor and a Xenon flash (another reminder to the first Lumia from the hand of Nokia. The device also has double front speakers and a fairly solid and sturdy metal chassis.


As for the rest of the characteristics we can say that we would not be at all in the past. There is a Snapdragon 830 CPU inside that along with the 4 GB of RAM and the Full HD screen 5 inches make the Nokia C1 a very balanced terminal. The new terminal Nokia will incorporate USB connectivity type C. The operating system, as we have known for some time, will be Android 7.1.1. For all the Nokia C1 we will have up to 128 GB of internal storage and, apart from Xenon flash that we have already talked about, there is a triple tone LED flash. I know there is a temptation to say that this design seems outdated, heavy, bulky or ugly, but if the construction is premium, it is well done and the camera looks fantastic and we will not look too much into the physical.

We leave you some more photography of the concept in the following gallery and a video where you can see in all detail all angles of this concept of Nokia C1.

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