The OLED plastic screen of the iPhone 8, the best in the market -


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Monday, 19 December 2016

The OLED plastic screen of the iPhone 8, the best in the market

The rumors concerning the development of the iPhone 8 are becoming stronger, especially in terms of display technology. And is that if already complicated to maintain the relations between two companies in secret, the thing becomes unsustainable with several companies involved.

Screen technology has been one of the "weak" points of the iPhone for a long time, and that its Retina technology has nothing to do with the development of large panel manufacturers, such as Samsung or LG. This is one of the reasons that have led Apple to ally itself with LG to manufacture its panels from 2018 , however, 2017 have designed a somewhat different strategy.

Samsung Display, responsible for manufacturing the OLED panel of the iPhone in 2018

As reported from MacRumors , Apple have reached an agreement with Samsung for the supply of OLED panel iPhone 8. In particular, it would be a plastic panel, ie deformable (such as the Galaxy S7 Edge), with That we would be before the first iPhone with curved screen.

In addition, this screen would integrate advanced technology of tactile sensitivity, capable of detecting touches even outside the panel itself. However, Apple might not activate this functionality in its models, according to various sources. Another negative point, would be the production of this panel would be relatively limited, making it clear that the iPhone 8 "premium" will not be cheap.

The iPhone 8, finally at the forefront of technology

Every news, every rumor that comes on the iPhone 8 of us going forward the future of this line of smartphones, which, though it seemed stagnant, and it is increasingly clear that are waiting for the perfect place to jump to the forefront again now. And that moment could arrive next year 2017.

Personally I hope that the next iPhone is finally the materialization of Apple's promise of innovation that for so long has been questioned. We not only want a practical mobile, we want the mobile market better, and if possible, by far.

And you, what do you expect from the next iPhone 8?

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