The Russian government requests access to the iPhone from its ambassador's killer in Turkey -


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Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Russian government requests access to the iPhone from its ambassador's killer in Turkey

A few days ago, we find the sad news that the Russian ambassador to Turkey, was killed by an individual, who was posing by a member of his personal bodyguard. This aroused a great stir, for the consequences that could bring to the international relations of Russia.

Now, with the investigation initiated to clarify the facts of this miserable act, the pieces begin to unite little by little. However, Russia believes have in his possession a vital element, which can not be accessed by its strong security, an iPhone.

IPhone security, again in the spotlight

As reported by us from Cult of Mac , during the investigation he would have found an iPhone, which would be owned by the murderer, died after being shot by Turkish special forces. The only problem is that this is encrypted, so it is not possible to access your data in a conventional manner.

That is why, the Russian government has directly asked Apple to unlock the iPhone, to be able to process the information that is on the device. It is without doubt similar to that of the FBI investigation into the incident of San Bernardino, where another individual was devoted to kill indiscriminately situation, leaving little more than her iPhone behind. In this case, the FBI was forced to rely on third parties to access the device, because Apple decided not to give the agency the "master key" that both craved.

This only proves again the high security of the iPhone, for good, or for bad

It is at these times, when a company shows respect he has for its users and to your privacy. And is that governments, not only request access to a specific iPhone, but a method to access all, and this would seriously affect users.

It is no longer a question of the authorities being able to obtain the information of those who threaten our freedom. They want a set back, to attack them also against our privacy without limits. And that is something we should not allow.

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