The Samsung Galaxy S8 is delayed: it would not appear in the MWC -


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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is delayed: it would not appear in the MWC

Despite the latest leaks, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be delayed: Samsung would prepare its own event after the MWC 2017 to give it the leading role.

Samsung's sound presentations, at least in the field of smartphones, are usually reserved for the most massive events. MWC in February and IFA in September. Although it does not have to be this way: as with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4, the eighth version of the S line would also have its own event after the MWC 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will focus all attention on an own Unpacked

Although we have seen the latest Samsung Galaxy climbing onto the stage at events within the dates of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this year will be special for the Samsung Galaxy S8. No wonder: the brand plays a lot with this mobile and prefers that all media attention is focused on it.

The crowded events host a multitude of presentations for almost all manufacturers with their own stand. After the sonic fiasco of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, all efforts of Samsung to recover the reputation is little. Hence the first Unpacked 2017 look for the maximum media attention. Interestingly, he also tried to do it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

No further details are known nor is there any confirmation from Samsung. Rumors named Manuel Angel, Teknautas refer to internal company sources. Hopefully we will not know the official confirmation until after Christmas.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 needs the maximum possible

We already said: Samsung should recover from all the bad opinions that has been accumulating after the withdrawal of the last Note. Not only received criticism for the performance, has also established some criteria around the "explosiveness" of their mobile. An unfounded criterion, no doubt, is doing enough damage to current sales. And it will do so to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung must ensure the manufacturing process, should check the designs with maximum efficiency, have to make sure that the battery and the place where it is housed are safe and, not to negligible, must regain the throne of innovation in Android. By the account that brings you that it is becoming more difficult: brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei Honor OnePlus or are proving they can do great smartphones for much less.

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