The Smart Battery Case of the iPhone 7 is already available in its more solidary version -


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Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Smart Battery Case of the iPhone 7 is already available in its more solidary version

It has been many years since Apple began its participation in the initiative for the fight against AIDS (RED). And during this period, we have seen how a great variety of products has been dyed red in order to reflect the importance of this battle.

And it is that AIDS and HIV in particular, remains a serious challenge to humanity, and although scientific advances allow us to glimpse a future without their mark, we must not stop thinking about the threat posed by this disease. Especially for countries that have far more limited resources than ours.

Extend the battery capacity of your iPhone 7 while helping a good cause

We all know too well the problem of which your phone runs out of battery, something that is always there, even if you try to help with some tricks . Our life, is fading more and more with the uncertainty of whether we have responded to that important WhatsApp that we had sent just before. Because things like "Mom, I'm going to have dinner at home" can not wait.

For that reason and by many others, the Smart Battery Case was designed. An accessory that gives you a layer of protection and style to your phone, on other functionality, and that is able to offer up to 26 hours of talk time. And now, besides, do all that while showing your support for a good cause.

(RED), one of the traditions of Apple

And, when you buy this product in any of the official Apple channels (available 199 euros), part of the value of that purchase will be donated to the Global Fund, which is responsible for making good use of that donation. It's something as simple and as easy as that. With the purchase of this case, you can help more people in the fight against AIDS.

It is initiatives like this that really make the difference. Only they need our support, and a great idea. Then, the world will change a little better.

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