The update for Gmail for iPhone and iPad comes with important news -


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Sunday, 11 December 2016

The update for Gmail for iPhone and iPad comes with important news

Gmail, the email platform provider par excellence, has updated its interface to iOS with many interesting new seating even further to the mail server of Google as the industry leader. And with this update Gmail seeks to make something simpler and effective Gmail experience for iPad and iPhone.

New features include for example that Gmail finally allow us to choose which program to open the attachment content of our emails. Also, Gmail has opted to keep the push mail notifications, those that warn us automatically if we received an email.

New Gmail update for iOS

But as we said, the update for Gmail for iPad and iPhone contains numerous new and very useful, so let's go into detail about them to know what we can expect from the new Gmail.

Google has provided the following list of iOS news in the App Store of your Gmail 5.0.7:

  • Select browser - Safari or Chrome - to open links in the Setup settings.
  • Editing of that content while answering a message
  • Copy and paste rich content for writing a message
  • Select multiple messages by touching the sender profile picture or icon next to the post.
  • Mark or unmark an email as read or not

 In fact, the most significant improvement is undoubtedly the choice browser to open the linked content, more than anything because in our preferred browser is configured to our liking and for example contain ad blockers. Of course, as depending on the link or content that we open sometimes require another browser, will always appear a list of options.

Finally, we also highlight the ability to add rich text to our emails, allowing us to add content formats out of the standard in post written in iPad or iPhone.

In case you do not have it yet, remember that Gmail is a free app that you can download from the App Store at any time and is also compatible with any iPad and iPhone always when your iOS device and exceeds 8.0

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