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Saturday, 31 December 2016

The worst moments and decisions of Apple in 2016

Like all companies in the world, Apple has had its good and bad moments. The good ones have compiled in this article , to keep you informed of what have been the best moves Apple has made in 2016.

However, in this article we are going to deal with the antithesis of the one published days ago. Today we'll show what have been the worst decisions taken by the company on the block in terms of products and services. We are not silent here!

A very unprofessional MacBook Pro

This is one of the decisions that we can least understand. The MacBook Pro, as the name implies, is intended for professional area in which each computer details are taken into account. With this in mind, why has Apple taken the bizarre decision to eliminate some of the most important ports?

One of the most used by photo or video editors, for example - which are usually the main buyers of a MacBook, Pro or not - is the port to insert the SD card. But surprise, that port no longer exists! Instead we have a nice touchpad.

Goodbye 3.5mm Jack

Another victim of Apple has been the port with 3.5mm Jack told by the iPhone at least until the exit of the iPhone in July, of course. The company has made it clear that it no longer wants or needs this connector, and for this they have taken out the new AirPods that would serve as a much more modern alternative in the eyes of the users.

But this is not the problem of the question. The dilemma is here now to connect our superauriculares that cost us almost 500 euros will have to use a connector with forgiveness Apple seems to have everything less quality.

Low level of production

One of the things we have most written or heard this year is that "Apple has run out of stock X thing". Oddly enough, the company Apple seems to have spent all of 2016 producing low profile, which is surprising in a company like this.

Already happened with the iPhone 7 Plus version Jet Black, but is also happening now with the AirPods, to name a few examples. Hopefully by 2017 the company begins producing as it should.

Problems with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

Although these smartphones have not been released in 2016, problems have begun massively this year, so that will include , as an addition to less. These devices already carry a time when the market began to have problems on the touch screen, as well as the battery. Apple offered replacement services, but many of these terminals no longer had a valid warranty. What a problem!

Despite the losses that the company has gone through in the past year because of their own decisions, Apple is still maintained as one of the world 's leading companies, and that is something that will not change for a long, long time. Group of people can see some of these disadvantages as positive, but as always, in CP respond only to the general clamor.

Can you think of anything else to add to the list? Leave your answer in the comments!

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